<html> <style> .buvont {

  background-image: url("Buvont1.png");
  position: absolute;
  top: 13px;
  left: 41px;
  width: 198px;
  height: 125px;
  z-index: 10;

} .buvont:hover {

  background-image: url("Buvont1-hover.png");


.lokemean {

  background-image: url("Lokemean1.png");
  position: absolute;
  top: 66px;
  left: 98px;
  width: 233px;
  height: 130px;
  z-index: 20;

} .lokemean:hover {

  background-image: url("Lokemean1-hover.png");


.upryian {

  background-image: url("Upryian1.png");
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  position: absolute;
  top: 100px;
  left: 218px;
  width: 154px;
  height: 100px;
  z-index: 30;

} .upryian:hover {

  background-image: url("Upryian1-hover.png");


.kosh {

  background-image: url("Kosh1.png");
  position: absolute;
  top: 5px;
  left: 404px;
  width: 135px;
  height: 61px;
  z-index: 20;

} .kosh:hover {

  background-image: url("Kosh1-hover.png");


.yuton {

  background-image: url("Yuton1.png");
  position: absolute;
  top: 24px;
  left: 331px;
  width: 232px;
  height: 105px;
  z-index: 10;

} .yuton:hover {

  background-image: url("Yuton1-hover.png");


.aurek {

  background-image: url("Aurek1.png");
  position: absolute;
  top: 189px;
  left: 541px;
  width: 143px;
  height: 95px;
  z-index: 10;

} .aurek:hover {

  background-image: url("Aurek1-hover.png");

} </style>

<a href="/wiki/BGO_map"><img width="198" height="125" src="Blank.gif" title="Neo-Victorian expansionists with a fanatical pursuit in technology and militarization."></a>
<a href="/wiki/BGO_map"><img width="233" height="130" src="Blank.gif" title="Masters of the Forge, the Dwarven are inventors of Steam Tech and superior engineers."></a>
<a href="/wiki/BGO_map"><img width="154" height="74" src="Blank.gif" title="Exiled and fueled with rage, a lonely race of vampires left searching endlessly for a place to belong."></a>
<a href="/wiki/BGO_map"><img width="135" height="61" src="Blank.gif" title="Mystical Race with absolute elemental control and unrivaled intelligence."></a>
<a href="/wiki/BGO_map"><img width="232" height="105" src="Blank.gif" title="Tribal Nomads with a life of perfect simplicity in peace and formidable determination in war."></a>
<a href="/wiki/BGO_map"><img width="143" height="95" src="Blank.gif" title="Ferocious metamorphs whose brutality is only rivaled by their loyalty to their cause."></a>